125mm Fine Grinding Disc For Aluminum
  • Air Pro125mm Fine Grinding Disc For Aluminum
  • Air Pro125mm Fine Grinding Disc For Aluminum
  • Air Pro125mm Fine Grinding Disc For Aluminum
  • Air Pro125mm Fine Grinding Disc For Aluminum
  • Air Pro125mm Fine Grinding Disc For Aluminum

125mm Fine Grinding Disc For Aluminum

125mm fine grinding disc for aluminum The amount of removed metal is reduced, increasing cutting speed and reducing the heat generated. Ideal for professional use

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Product Description

125mm fine grinding disc for aluminum

Feature and application:


1.The cymbals grinding wheel adopts multi-layer reinforced glass fiber material, which has high tensile, impact and bending strength, and the line speed can reach 11000R.P.M.And according to the customer's requirements for special reinforcement.

2.This product is installed in the electric angular grinder free grinding, widely used in metal and non-metal production blanking;Can also be used in machinery, automobile, ship, gold, chemical industry and other industries, can also be used in modern housing, plant iron decoration and equipment repair.


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Notes for using of resin grinding wheel:

1. Before installing the resin grinding wheel piece on the spindle, check whether the machine is in normal operation, and whether there are cracks or deformation. After installing the spindle, it must be idle for more than two minutes before starting to work.

2, the grinder must meet the requirements of the protective cover, processing materials to be fixed tight processing do not overexert.

3. The operating speed shall not exceed the specified safe working speed of resin grinding wheel.

4. The resin grinding wheel has poor alkali resistance, and its structure is easy to be damaged and reduced in case of strong alkali erosion. The hardness, strength and cooling fluid used in use should not contain more than 1.5% alkaline substance.

5. Due to the poor chemical stability of resin grinding wheel, attention should be paid to anti-freezing, moisture-proof, collision and temperature above 50 °c.


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