4inch Fine Quality Grinding Wheel
  • Air Pro4inch Fine Quality Grinding Wheel
  • Air Pro4inch Fine Quality Grinding Wheel
  • Air Pro4inch Fine Quality Grinding Wheel
  • Air Pro4inch Fine Quality Grinding Wheel

4inch Fine Quality Grinding Wheel

As a professional 4inch Fine Quality Grinding Wheel supplier and manufactuer. NOVA wheel has been suppling and expoting 4inch Fine Quality Grinding Wheel from CHINA for 21 years.Our slogan :nice to improve ability. Please be assured to buy 4inch Fine Quality Grinding Wheel at NOVA. Any comment, pls feel free to contact with us via [email protected] We will reply you within 24hrs.

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Product Description

4inch fine quality grinding wheel manufacturers



The same quality compared to price, the same price compared to quality


Product features:
1. The product adopts high quality compound corundum abrasive, high strength glass fiber mesh cloth, professional production process, the product does not contain iron sulfide and other elements, with the characteristics of sharp grinding, non-burn workpiece, suitable for the grinding and deburring of stainless steel castings, cast steel, large parts and other materials
2. The flexible grinding wheel adopts a special binder and reinforcement material to make the grinding wheel flexible without breaking. It can grind easily on the corner of the narrow part of the workpiece.Excellent materials, exquisite technology, ensure the grinding efficiency of different materials and the best economic results
3· stainless steel flexible grinding plate, suitable for polishing the surface of stainless steel workpiece, with high efficiency, sharp, fine grinding and other characteristics, has a good protective effect on the workpiece.Stone glass can be bent grinding plate, suitable for stone, glass surface polishing processing, with the characteristics of high efficiency and sharp, environmental protection












22nova grinding wheel



Knowledge of grinding wheel handling and storage:


1. Complete packaging and transportation shall be carried and collision shall be avoided. Long-term exposure to moisture and contact with alkali shall be prohibited.

2.Stacked neatly in a flat way, not long-term inclined and compression, to prevent deformation.

3. Avoid direct contact with the ground. It must be piled up on the ground with a tidproof wooden pallet.

4. Implement the first-in-first-use principle to ensure the use life of the product;5. The product shall be re-tested for rotary strength and appearance after one year.



  • Aluminum oxide grain combination for long wheel life in aluminum and other soft metals

  • Unique soft bond for fast material removal without loading

  • 3 full sheets of glass in every wheel for added durability and safety




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our global market for abrasive wheel since 1988yr.

we are the owner of the factory.

not just rent for short business.

look for longtime relationship for partner.



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