4inch Flap Disc For Stainless Steel
  • Air Pro4inch Flap Disc For Stainless Steel
  • Air Pro4inch Flap Disc For Stainless Steel
  • Air Pro4inch Flap Disc For Stainless Steel
  • Air Pro4inch Flap Disc For Stainless Steel

4inch Flap Disc For Stainless Steel

4inch Flap Disc For Stainless Steel Specification: - Material: Oxide Aluminium - Arbor: Approx. 22mm - Outer Diameter: Approx. 180 (as you chooese) - Grit: 60#-120# (as you chooese)

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4inch flap disc for stainless steel

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      Made of calcined mitsubishi 911 seconds cloth substrate such as mesh cloth, nylon, plastic and vulcanized paper, emery cloth into a small piece of a small piece of arrangement, fan uniform distribution to ensure the effect of grinding particle size 36 # - 320 #, 60 #, 80 #, the most common major diameter 4 installed in "to 7" angle grinder, are used to weld, edge burr polishing and grinding processing, are interchangeable with money wheel, has good elasticity, the advantages of high efficiency, good heat dissipation, low noise, is characterized by strong elasticity, higher tensile bending strength good grinding effect. Polishing speed, good effect, and grinding of low noise, apply to each big metal parts factory,And machinery factories.

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    The flap disc is more pieces of sand cloth plates fanshaped superposition is arranged on the tray, each cloth and bond angle in the plane of the pallet is 100-300 the utility model emery cloth arrangement can make the emery cloth wheel grinding, polishing work piece when cutting Angle is reasonable, the base material of the emery cloth wheel to grind arenaceous synchronous consumption, significantly improve the overall flat emery cloth round of abrasion resistance and grinding efficiency, prolong the service life of emery cloth wheel.Grinding the surface of metallic and nonmetallic materials.

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1) We have a dynamic export sales team with an export sales experience of more than 6 years, which
 ensures the effective, efficient and satisfying communication and service to customers.
2) We have an innovative researching team, who innovates 2-3 new models of garden tools each year. 

3) Within 1-2 hours' response to customers' inquiries.
4)Working closely with our customers we evaluate the success of our delivered product
   With your valuable feedback we can begin to plan for:
   - Modifications to the product for future orders
   - Alternative products or suppliers

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