5 Flap Polishing Wheel
  • Air Pro5 Flap Polishing Wheel
  • Air Pro5 Flap Polishing Wheel
  • Air Pro5 Flap Polishing Wheel
  • Air Pro5 Flap Polishing Wheel

5 Flap Polishing Wheel

5 Flap Polishing Wheel is Hard-wearing,long service life.Especially suitable for stainless steel also great for mild steel.5 Flap Polishing Wheel is designed for use with all 115mm (4.5") angle grinders.5 Flap Polishing Wheel is ideal for use on wood, metal and plastic.Ideal for The Home, Workshop, Hobbyists, Tradesmen, Builders and DIY Enthusiasts, etc

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5 flap polishing wheel

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Zirconia Alumina Flap Disc

Flap Discs are made from zirconia alumina,

designed for high speed sanding and heavy duty removal, delivering fast and long lasting cut.

Zirconia alumina abrasive provides extended service life and more cutting power than aluminum oxide, saving replacement costs and sanding time.

Abrasive disc is made with fiberglass backing which supports a fast cut for grinding and finishing applications; offers extra durability and reinforcement.

72pcs overlapped abrasive strips offer more efficient sanding effect and longer service life than conventional fiber discs.

Versatile Performance:

NOVA ZIRCONIA ALUMINA flap discs are ideal for grinding, stock removal, beveling, weld blending, deburring, rust removal, cleaning and finishing on a wide range of metal and non-ferrous metals.



Color: Blue

Zirconia Alumina flap disc

Grain: Zirconia Alumina

Grits: 40,60,80,120 Coarse Grinding

Abrasive Flaps: Polyester and cotton

Backing Plates: Synthetic resin, fiberglass

Working: Surface Grinding 

Backing Density: Standard Density 

Application: Grinding, Finishing, Deburring 
Package: 20 PCS Per Box
Flap Disc Shape: Type 27 Flat 

1)Rust removal 
2)Good heat eliminating 
3)Used long than flexible grinding disc 
4)Fast, aggressive action for high-pressure grinding, high efficiency 
5)Low grinding and polishing cost 

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5 flap polishing wheel

Getting Started With Your Flap Discs

Before you start using any shop tool, you should always make sure you:

Understand your tool

Read the user’s manual

Wear the proper safety equipment

Ensure a safe working area

Know what you’re using your tool for

With flap discs, you need to consider the size and scope of your project. Do you have to remove stock aggressively, or is smooth finishing your goal? Or do you want a grind that’s somewhere in between? Whatever your answer, there’s a flap disc that’s right for your situation.

Don’t limit flap disc to the common metals. Flap discs can also be used across various surfaces, including aluminum, wood, concrete, engineered stone, granite and more. For each of these applications, whether you’re grinding or finishing, make sure you choose the right flap disc. Remember, conical shaped flap discs are great for stock removal and flat flap discs are best for finishing.

Flap disc backing material is important as it provides support during operation. Use metal backings for concrete or engineered stones, and use fiberglass or plastic backings for most metal or wood jobs. Also consider your abrasive grit material, and choose your grit size to achieve the desired results. For common grinding, use abrasives with lower grit numbers. For smooth finishing, use higher grit sizes.

Using a flap disc instead of a traditional tool can greatly enhance the quality of your job. You can also benefit from lower noise and vibration. Flap discs can lead you to a world of new applications, while helping you achieve new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

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Yongkang Nova Hardware Co., Ltd.

Established in 1988yr.

From a small home made workshop.

Until 2005yr we have been own 4000squares big factory.

Appreciate NOVA hardwork team.


11produce automatic equipments/5 ovens/2mix equipments/

Speed testing equipment/balance testing equipment/etc..

For stable production.

Our protection environment equipment working all the time.

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5 flap polishing wheel factory 

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