Ag4 Abrasive Grinding Wheel
  • Air ProAg4 Abrasive Grinding Wheel
  • Air ProAg4 Abrasive Grinding Wheel
  • Air ProAg4 Abrasive Grinding Wheel
  • Air ProAg4 Abrasive Grinding Wheel
  • Air ProAg4 Abrasive Grinding Wheel

Ag4 Abrasive Grinding Wheel

ag4 abrasive grinding wheel The amount of removed metal is reduced, increasing cutting speed and reducing the heat generated. Ideal for professional use

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Product Description

ag4 abrasive grinding wheel

Abrasive particles of the abrasive sheet are oriented, the surface of the product is sharp, ensuring the best grinding performance of the belt; the surface of the product is evenly distributed, combined with a special binder to prevent deep lines and irregular lines, and good chip removal capacity. It is not easy to block.

The granularity numbers are 240#, 320#, 360#, 500#, 800#, 1200#, 1500#, etc.

Disc sand is a kind of polishing disc. Disc sand is a round polishing piece processed from sandpaper, which can be divided into two types: flat and double-sided tape. It is used to polish hardware parts, plastics and auto parts. It is faster than general sandpaper.

11nova grinding wheel

Grinding wheel

Grinding wheel is a very common grinding tool in the grinding process. 

It is usually made by adding binder to the abrasive, and is made by compacting, baking and roasting. 

Its characteristic parameters are mainly abrasive, viscosity, shape, hardness and combination. 

Because of the difference in abrasives, binders and manufacturing processes, the final grinding wheel has a large difference, so abrasives, binders and manufacturing processes have an important influence on the quality and productivity of grinding.

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